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Spots and Blots...

Spots and blots cause stains

Stains often cause dread especially when they make their appearance on your favourite item of clothing. Forcing you to come up with some magic concoction if you ever want to wear it again.

To make this magic concoction you try everything: a Google search, your grandma’s secret stain disappearing trick, the latest cleaning product - basically anything to get the darn stain out. But there are times when you try everything but alas there remains a very faint mark. Nobody else may notice it but you know it is there…

Spots are defined as mostly round patches with a different colour and texture seen as a stain or disfiguring mark. A blot is a blemish made by a coloured substance similar to an ink blot.

Spots and blots are part of life. It is what it is. They are going to happen, unexpectedly and untimely. Some spots and blots you will notice straight away and others only later and wonder how on earth they got there.

The stains on our hearts

Different memories can be triggered by the various spots and blots that colour your life:

  • A coffee stain on your journal page from an unexpected interruption.

  • Paw marks on your clean pants because your dog was so excited and happy to see you.

  • Tiny handprints on the window as your toddler waits impatiently for you to come home.

  • The crumbs left on a plate from a piece of cake brought to you by a dear friend.

Each spot and blot tell a story.

Each spot and blot tell a story. Some of these stories we would rather prefer to forget and would do anything to get rid of. Others we wish we could preserve for ever.

Some spots and blots are caused by others and some by us. Some of them become permanent stains and others wash away quickly. The spots and blots that remain are the ones that are difficult to forgive. They are more permanent. They just don’t want to go away no matter what you try. Usually, these spots and blots are the stains others caused you – intense in-you-face stains. Huge - for the world to see.

Then there are the blots of regret - about the silly things you did in your past. Blots on our reputation and spots on other’s hearts. Stains that show up on your heart because you fail to practice self-love and forgive yourself.

The good news

The good news is that over time the spots and blots do become lighter and the memories of what caused them fade. You can decide if you want to make art out of your spots and blots and turn them into something beautiful. You are the artist in your life.

Willingly or unwillingly, you leave spots and blots in your life as well as the lives of others. What type of blot or spot are you leaving? One that you want to cover up and feel embarrassed about? One you want to get rid of quickly? Or do you want to cherish it and show it to the world – your beautiful piece of art?

Your spots and blots make you unique. They were given to you to help others so that they don’t feel ashamed about their spots and blots.

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