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Life Lessons from a Waterlily

Waterlilies portray calm and beauty as they float in tranquil ponds and gently flowing streams. When a water lily opens its flowers in Spring, a surprise awaits its beholder. Water lilies don’t continuously bloom in the same colour. Colours of either white, yellow, blue, purple, or pink are borne as the elegant large flower opens. They are taking on the shape of a star floating on dark serene waters, opening when the sun salutes the earth with its morning rays and gently closing when the sun bids farewell.

Interestingly the seed of a waterlily must go through a tumultuous journey to become the serene portrayal of calm.

When a waterlily pollinates, this beautiful flower draws back into the dark waters to ripen its seeds. Once ripened, they float to the surface, where they meander with the current. Getting the right amount of sunlight, the seeds again sink to the dreary lacklustre muddy bottom to germinate.

Up into the sunlight - down into the dark - up into the sunlight - down into the dark.

The waterlily is a beautiful example of being calm and composed despite its dark and murky surroundings.

Many situations in life can prevent us from being calm and collected, especially when we feel we are being pulled under by life's stresses.

Here are some valuable lessons to learn from the waterlily:

1. Life has its ups and downs. Realize that the downs are only for a season.

2. Keep on moving up. Despite your circumstances.

3. Going through the same thing over and over is trying to teach you something.

4. Being calm when a lot is happening underneath makes you look elegant, beautiful

and in control.

5. Be a flower of hope when everything around you seems dark.

6. Give your best when the sun comes up and rest when the sun goes down. Please

don’t overdo it.

7. Stay afloat. Things will turn out well.

Life isn’t a bed of roses. It’s more like a pond with lilies. We all go through ups and downs. Sometimes it seems dark and murky wherever you look. That is when you are germinating to become a beautiful person.

Next time you see a tranquil water lily, remember what it had to go through to bring you beauty. Then remember that what you go through can bring others beauty too.

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