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Grit and Resilience Coaching

There are various coaching options available to suit your unique needs. Below are descriptions of the options available to you. All of these options focus on helping you develop grit and build resilience to keep on facing the challenging situations that form part of life. This is an exciting and courageous journey.


R500 for 30 minutes

Brief Solution Focused Coaching is for individuals who urgently need to find an effective solution to a problem they are facing. This type of coaching helps you as the client get different perspectives on the specific problem or scenario. These different views allow you to focus on the ideal solution to address the challenge you are experiencing effectively and successfully. The result is a tailored solution unique to you and your situation. Moving you forward on the path towards personal success.



R1000 for 60 minutes / R1300 for 90 minutes

Your actions determine your thoughts and your thoughts your actions. Having a deep, thought-provoking conversation that isn’t rushed creates an opportunity for you to come up with many solutions for the challenges you face. Your mind is stimulated to explore the situation from various angles, and your brain usually knows the best solution. By asking you the right questions, a paradigm shift is created, moving you forward to where you want to be thereby conquering the challenge you faced.



R10 500 for 120 minutes (minimum of 3 people)

Group Coaching is highly time- and cost-efficient for an organisation. Group Coaching helps the group to face complex realities and come up with quality solutions. It helps foster resolve and creative but realistic solutions to the challenges being faced. Working together efficiently reduces stress and helps to incorporate change effectively. Attention is given to the individual and the group, building collaboration by learning about each other’s styles, strengths, and weaknesses. It is realising that you are part of something larger than yourself - a group that adds value and knows the road to success.

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