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I'm Dr Ilse de Bruin

A Coach that specialises in Emotional Intelligence to help you develop grit

As the Director of Consiliaro, I am dedicated to giving my best to help you develop the Emotional Intelligence skills you need to know yourself better, improve relationships, and develop your grit. 


Are you ready to become the person you were meant to be? My coaching helps you overcome challenges, obstacles, and people that push your buttons by increasing your Emotional Intelligence. I am here to help you achieve by unleashing the hidden potential inside of you. Focusing on helping you build your emotional Intelligence and grit to help you overcome the obstacles you face. Also, to provide you with the necessary emotional intelligence skills to become more assertive, self-aware and a leader in difficult circumstances.


Committed to inspiring change by helping you develop Emotional Intelligence and grit

Coaching is an exciting and courageous journey of self-discovery. My focus area as coach is to help you build further develop your emotional intelligence so that you develop grit  to face the obstacles on your journey to becoming the person you want to be.


Life throws curve balls at us, but if handled correctly, those curve balls help you win the game. By having a coaching conversation you will get different perspectives on how to overcome the obstacles in your way. Also, we will explore new ways to help you increase your EQ.


Coaching helps you see a path where before you may have thought there was no path.




“I want to say that this was an awesome, uplifting experience for me. I am very cautious about sharing my personal & work information with anyone …. It was easy to talk to Ilse. She arrived at a time when I was feeling immense pressure to perform at work while being restricted with COVID & lockdown rules.”


"Coaching has helped me challenge my thought processes, the way I used to think and the way I used to do things. It has equipped me with enough skills to find solutions all by myself. Coaching helped me understand my situations and how to deal with them better. But also just realizing that I could do this, but I didn’t know I could do it."


ou have been one of our best coaches and have impacted a lot of our employees’ lives. What is especially remarkable about you is that you broke into our sales force. Very few consultants opted into coaching (nature of the role) but several opted to go with you after that first successful round. And during the thick of lockdown when they had heaps of work.

Thank you again!


The best decision I have made in a very long time was to join our coaching program when my employer asked if we needed coaching. My coach was Ilse de Bruin. This journey was absolutely awesome and it has really helped me in a lot of ways.
It made me realize that I am good enough and that only I can make myself happy. I can’t rely on other people to make me happy. I have a very high expectation of how people must relate to me and show their love. Coaching taught me that it’s ok if people don’t show their love and respect the way I want them to, especially my family. We all show love and respect differently.
Coaching also helped me to handle difficult situations that would normally make me upset and cross. I deal with them in a calm manner and I have set boundaries on how people treat me where previously I just let people treat me badly.


I always thought that a “Life Coach” was for yuppies who went to yoga after and then enjoyed a chai latte at a coffee shop while they told their friends what their “Life Coach” said – I was wrong!

I thought I was managing my life just fine and that I ‘processed’ issues well – Again, I was wrong. Through gently nudging conversations we went to places that I really didn’t want to go to and discovered many related issues that affect my daily life, at work and home. I am already feeling much more ‘in control’ of my days – Saying No has become a very liberating thing in my life.


I cannot thank you enough Ilse for the profound impact you have had on my career and life.


Doing a bit of retrospection and one of my best experiences this year was getting a coach. Maybe it was just the particular coach: Dr Ilse de Bruin but it was an affirming experience in a grim year. I know the lessons I am learning will pay dividends over the rest of my career life. It's put me on a path of upping my game in all areas no one teaches you to handle - managing people, managing my time better, expressing, prioritising and actually reaching my goals, engaging with all the ideas mulling at the back of my head in a productive way, learning how to harness my strengths better and to delegate well.


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